What Are The Benefits Of Being a Member?

What specifically makes you a master affiliate?

"Do You Feel You Deserve The Life Of Your Dreams!"

You Do Know What Combination of Plugins Work Best for Your WordPress Affiliate Site?

What about Hosting?

How about loading those images?

How to embed links...or even what a link is?

Getting started at the right spot is imperative...

Sure you can do as I did, try a year or so on your own and fail to earn one cent!

What you need here is a mentor, someone whose tried it all and learns from all the mistakes. That would be me...Judi! I can help you make this life you dream about, become a reality with affiliate marketing...

affiliate marketing


At the Affiliate Mastery Institute our Affiliate Mastery Program, online, specializes in helping you get your Affiliate Business started, stable and continuously assists you, to not becoming a negative statistic. Your future is in your hands!

  • ​Now more than ever it pays to be informed about the right way to have a successful online business - Why? Security in your future.
  • ​Judi has done all the hard work for you, she's got all the methods and processes that you require to get your affiliate sites, developed, monetized and earning for you!
  • You are fully aware that technology is constantly evolving...with this evolution so too does this program evolves. You won't be left behind when the search engines change their ranking rules, or the social media platforms change their processes.

Coaching! Learning! Owning! Earning! TM

Let me introduce to you a leading coaching program Affiliate Mastery Program

Let's take a quick look into my cartoon below...

Do you want more???...of course you do...take a look inside my program with this Walk Through Webinar!

Affiliate Mastery Program Membership has 3 different levels to choose from one to suit all budgets. Let's go through the benefits of each level...all transactions are processed in Australian dollars AUD$

affiliate marketing

Premium Membership

Lifetime access to all my training, video tutorials, PDF downloads, access to one on one LIVE sessions with Judi

power ahead

Standard Membership

6 months access to most of my training, video tutorials, PDF downloads, access to one on one LIVE sessions with Judi

dollars generated with affiliates

Monthly Membership

Monthly access to some training, video tutorials, PDF downloads, access to one on one LIVE sessions with Judi


Affiliate Mastery Monthly!

This is the membership on the Affiliate Mastery program that is the most affordable!

For customer service queries please contact: info@affiliatemasteryprogram.com

If you have this level this means you are a member with get up and go!...

I like that about people! You have the drive to get this done and dusted, in one month!

Let me list for you some features of the Monthly Membership:

  • How to get google.com onto your browser
  • How to get a domain for FREE
  • What you need to look for when purchasing hosting
  • Generating access to WordPress through your host

This is NOT a done for you service but if you have a BIG WHY, I mean if you have a lot of debt or if you need an added or different way to earn an income then you can do this!!

    Your training expects the following of you...

    PROACTIVELY LISTEN....................


    TAKE NOTES AND LEARN.................

    take notes

    ACTION FOR YOURSELF.................

    gold man sitting on the world
    • The PDF reports, the eBooks, the audio's and the video tutorials are very unique and specific to you and sure, I know you can look stuff up on Google, and on YouTube, but do you know what you are searching for?
    • Do you know how to monetize everything you are doing as an Affiliate to earn money?
    • I DO! That is the BIG difference here?!!


Affiliate Mastery Standard!

This level of membership is for 6 months!

For customer service queries please contact: info@affiliatemasteryprogram.com

With Standard Membership you have access to most of the program!

Let me list for you some of the features for Standard Membership:

  • How to get google.com onto your browser
  • How to get a domain for FREE
  • What you need to look for when purchasing hosting
  • Generating access to WordPress through your host
  • FREE WordPress Basics Book
  • Plugins list required with installation instructions and much, much more!
  • Templates for all your legal pages for your affiliate sites
  • Monetizing your affiliate sites
  • Integration for your affiliate sites
  • SMM (social media marketing) tips, techniques and solutions
  • SEO Configuration for all your affiliate sites
  • an much more!

This is NOT a done for you service but if you have a BIG WHY, I mean if you have a lot of debt or if you need an added or different way to earn an income then you can do this!!

Your training expects the following of you...

PROACTIVELY LISTEN....................


TAKE NOTES AND LEARN.................

take notes

ACTION FOR YOURSELF.................

let my training take you


Affiliate Mastery PREMIUM!

Lifetime access to my entire training and coaching program!

For customer service queries please contact: info@affiliatemasteryprogram.com

With Premium Membership you have access to ALL of the program!

Welcome to your specific Premium level Benefits and What You Receive!

I could go ahead here and list all the features you need to get going immediately to make a difference in your life and create a earning Affiliate Business for yourself. But I am NOT going to do that!

You have so many features and resources at your disposal here it is much too vast to list, and simply amazing!

Included are the video tutorials and all the resources mentioned in the above levels PLUS, you will receive my two published hard cover books and the PLR (Private Label Rights) to them. BOOM! For The Baby Boomers and Show Me The Money Honey! ...this is to keep you motivated...These books were written when I first started out. I wanted to get my words on print to educate the masses. Now with the internet evolving so much, most of their content is out of date, so I still use them as motivational tools for anyone interested in affiliate marketing today!

Here is what these two books look like...

 BOOM! For The Baby BOOMERS!                                                             Show Me The Money Honey!

show book cover
boom book

Premium Membership not only supplies you with all the resources you need for LIFE but continued support too. Having continued support will ensure you don't miss vital updates. Why? The internet is evolving all the time, you want to remain on top of your game with your own affiliate marketing to stay in front and continue earning your affiliate dollars!

Remaining motivated and never giving up is key! Stay focused on your end goal, don't let life get in the road, and achieve your milestones towards your own affiliate success.

Never, give up! Even when you think none of this is going to work you dive in further and keep going......

Your rewards are immense with your persistence...I am living proof of that!


My entire PREMIUM Membership FREE!

This level of membership is the cream of the crop! Let me explain....

For customer service queries please contact: info@affiliatemasteryprogram.com

This is the ultimate level of the Affiliate Mastery Program!

At this level you attend a hands on, intimate group 3-Day LIVE training one-on-one session, where, you build your Affiliate Online Business with Judi and her team LIVE! This event is called......

Business Basics Boot Camp!

What is it exactly?

The Biggest FEATURE of this level is you receive one ticket per membership to attend the next BUSINESS BASICS BOOT CAMP!

***Spouses or Life-partners can attend for an additional small fee, Email: info@affiliatemasteryprogram.com to inquire about this.

This is a 3-Day LIVE event! You are in a function room at the Mantra On View Hotel on the Gold Coast, locked away with Judi and her team for one on one, step by step training, to getting your Affiliate Business off the ground, up and earning!

***Spouses or Life-partners fee is not for a friend to attend. Email: info@affiliatemasteryprogram.com to inquire about this.


  • Upon registration you will get PREMIUM membership for FREE!
  • Receiving LIVE one on one training from the master herself!
  • You will get the entire training program techniques over the 3-Days
  • You will understand the entire affiliate life-cycle by the end of the event
  • All anxiety is removed about understanding the program, no-one is left behind!
  • What you receive is something you can duplicate over and over to continued affiliate success


If you learn better from LIVE training, you cannot afford to miss this event!


J&P Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd

Cork 'n Fork Winery Tours Pty Ltd

Previous Business Basics Bootcamp Events...

Fun At Boot Camp 2016
cropped bootcamp pic



research • accounts to start • hosting • domains • logins •plugins • posts • categories/tags •  appearance (themes) • settings and pages (legal) • content pages • outsourcing content • researching content pages • photos (incl. editing) • theme menus • settings • contact form 7 integration • autoresponder • squeeze pages • opt in/pop-ups/exit pops • affiliate companies • affiliate links • monetizing your site • Facebook business manager • Twitter for Business • Pinterest for Business • Google+ • LinkedIn • anchor texting • SMM • Website directories • Traffic Strategies....and more!

Everything you will need to be a successful affiliate marketer is given to you at this event and more!

The Biggest BONUS for you...

You receive my PREMIUM program with lifetime access for FREE!

Yes, FREE, you will have access to all the latest training tutorials as they break for life! You can continue to grow your online Affiliate Businesses for as long as you want to - what a fantastic legacy for your children and grandchildren, not to mention yourself!

    Avoid all the Mistakes I have made using knowledge gained through having a Mentor.....

    Let me tell you, in my quest to succeed, I have been banned from Facebook, shut down overnight with Get Response, an auto-responder platform, almost shut down from Google for using photographs straight from Google images...among other things...

    I've overcome all these obstacles, and didn't let them defeat me... how? When I found I couldn't understand something, I will research the internet to find the answer or the solution and apply it! ...I took initiative to LEARN MORE...

    Once I conquered these challenges and everything started to work....by this I mean...money started to filter in...I knew I had the methods, the right techniques, the correct formula to repeat, over and over and over again!

    Whilst this was a very slow process for me, and took me a lot of time! My true value came about when I decided to put all my knowledge in one place for YOU to benefit!

    "Its' important for you to know, that I am one determined Grandma, that needed to succeed as much as I need air to breathe! " _ Judi

    My coaching is real! My members are life-timers! There success continues to grow, with me by their side. I want to share this training with the world! It's so true when Colin Powell said, "Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence!"

    I was a nurse for 30 years, I tell people I only know how to do 2 things, look after people and drink wine! If you want to read more then keep reading........

    • Listed here are the points that matter: I have listed 4 different ways you can decide upon to make a massive difference in your life and not be a victim of money struggle after applying my coaching techniques.
    • Using me as your mentor will save you valuable time. Time is the new currency and something we can never get back. It's usually stated by many, that they have regrets over life events or things people wanted to do and never did. Let that go, and move forward, there's no time like the present for earning your success!
    • Once you know this, you'll want my product. I have succeeded where many have failed, I continue to up-skill and grow in my internet business, because I am still hungry to learn and take ACTION. Our elder years should be filled with mind blowing, wondrous experiences, not sitting around waiting to die!!

    A Problem shared is a Problem halved and you can make your Problems disappear With Solutions...

    What if I could share with you a Solution to your money problems without any banks or financial advisors?

    What if I could share with you this solution? Along with the coaching and learning, you could continue to do yourself, and never have money struggles again?

    Better still, what if this solution, once up and running, could for the most part, run on auto-pilot? Wouldn't that be something!!

    I am not saying to you I have the only way, there are many ways in which one can earn a very great life for yourselves, using the internet, as a tool, to help you achieve this; I have taken a small portion of what my mentor taught me and ran with that to become a very happy in my 60s!

    My biggest thing is PEOPLE, and so in my caring way I want to help people succeed! Please don't get me wrong, this is not a done for you program but I know one thing for sure; If you are prepared to take massive action then you will succeed as well.

    WORK to LIVE not LIVE to WORK!

    "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time..." Thomas A. Edison

    Affiliate Mastery Program is the Perfect Resolution!

    Affiliate Mastery Program has evolved through the sheer need and demand of my own online journey to wealth. It consists of 3 levels of membership, as listed in detail above. There is one to suit all budgets!

    Coaching! Learning! Owning! Earning! TM

    1. Major Benefits List Include:  creating and earning through your online Affiliate Business, being coached by Judi with video tutorials, webinars, one on one sessions, your membership website is the tool that contains all the data necessary for any level of membership you choose. Coaching! when you need it is always available to you, through the coaching you are Learning! all the time, everything you do is yours you Own and best of all you will Earn the proceeds of your labor.
    2. Your Perfect Solution: no more money struggles, achieving your goals, making your dreams realities and solving the issue of creating an income online, from the comfort of your own home. This is the way of the future with being entrepreneurial...
    3. Saving you TIME: you don't have to worry about where to start? what to do next? what social medias do I need? how do I do that? All of these things are covered in  the step by step techniques of this training program.
    To People who want

    See what some of our customers have to say:

    "Social Proof With Customer Testimonials..."

    "Judi, you, through your Affiliate Marketing Programme, have given me this opportunity. Thank you for being the one who happened in my life. The one I instinctively knew could give me the confidence to trust without question & to follow without fear. You have introduced me to new & exciting vistas in completely unknown territory & while some days are somewhat overwhelming, the learning experiences are such a buzz that I just want to drink in your every word. Over the past few months, I have become aware of your personal “keywords” that are your hallmark … like: Awesome, WOW, Fantastic, Fabulous, Well Done, Yes Yes Yes… I can now say….back at you. All those words describe you. I am so grateful to have you as my mentor & unique teacher/coach.

    Roz Manning
    Roz M Qld

    "Customer Proof Affiliate Mastery Program Works!"

    Hi Judi

    Wanted to say thank you and let you know Wayne and I are currently holidaying in Hawaii, paid for by our websites. The last time we caught up on Skype Wayne showed you his Commission Factory Account, I have attached a screenshot from Wayne's phone of his account and please feel free to use this as proof of what can be achieved.

    We want to take our websites to the next level as this is the lifestyle we enjoy!

    Jo Bik proof

    Jo and Wayne B Qld

    "Viewers are going up and up...thanks to Judi"

    ..."I can not express my thankfulness and gratefulness to Judi's mentoring and I wish other members will follow up the way Judi does..." "...I've started with Judi my mentoring over Skype very extensively and I've felt very confident building my websites, specially when I've seen, that I had over 3,500 viewers on one of my websites only and they are going up and up and up! Its' so great!..."

    Daniella Nikolova
    Daniella N Sydney

    Refund Policy

    Please choose carefully. We do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision. You can choose between the different levels listed above, and payment options for each level, to suit your budget. Ongoing customer support is on offer to all members.

    Security Policy

    When purchasing from J & P Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd, card details are transmitted through a secure server using eWAY. Card data is not hosted by J & P Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd after processing, we don't retain your card details.

    Some Video Testimonials For You To Listen Too!

    Addressing Your Last-Minute Objections

    Q. If I sign up to register for Business Basics Bootcamp, when and where is the next boot camp going to be?

    A. Usually BBB (Business Basics Boot Camp) is held 2nd Friday, Saturday and Sunday of March every year at Mantra on View Hotel at Surfer's Paradise, Queensland Australia. Once registered, you receive all information and plenty of contact with the Affiliate Mastery Team right from the beginning.

    Q. If I sign in to the STANDARD monthly level will the Affiliate Mastery Team still be available for support?

    A. Yes indeed, no matter what level you are a member of, we are available to all our members, we have options for all our members to book a personal one on one session with Judi, either Tuesdays' or Thursdays'...(conditions apply, subject to availability)

    Q. How soon do I get access to the training after I've paid my membership fee?

    A. Our team receives an automated message as soon as your payment comes through, within 24hours you are off and running with your logins, and can start learning straight away. (If you pay on a weekend, Monday will be the day you receive your logins)

    Rest Assured I have over 3000 members all especially happy with the after sales service! We remain as transparent as possible for all our members to benefit from our coaching!

    It is right and correct that you have questions, please if you wish to advise or ask any questions about our program at this point then feel free to email us on  info@affiliatemasteryprogram.com

    Start Your, new life to wealth journey now!

    "Get Started By Taking That First Step” and remember, "If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me!!" _ Judi

    P.S. If you never change what you do, and you do exactly as you are doing, you will never reach financial FREEDOM. Sad but true, 95% of the population conform to 'life' as they know it and never achieve what they started out to achieve! This is why the top 5% in the world are wealthy. If you need more proof just listen to the news of the day! ...doom and gloom right...

    I don't want you to be a 95%'er...take a leap for yourself now and make a difference, I did and will never look back...NEVER!

    To those who are considering “where to from here”, regardless of “where you are now”, I most strongly recommend joining as a Premium member of Judi’s Affiliate Marketing Programme. You will be much richer for choosing to seize the day & make the biggest change of all …. to change the direction of your life & be open to the awesome potential that exists in Judi’s coaching programme.

    Thank You.

    Warm Regards,

    Roz M

    Ammie Headshot


    Meet Ammie, my SMA/GM in charge of operations, strategies, finance and sustainability. Ammie is my go to person in every facet.

    Rachel headshot


    Meet Rachel a real motivator and all round creative developer. Her quick thinking and flexible techniques help drive our success.

    Photo Of Megan For Website


    Meet Megan, with an eye for detail Megan is vital to our research, development and setup processes

    Judi headshot 250


    Then there is me...founder,creator, mentor, entrepreneur, loving life's every breath!

    Affiliate Mastery Institute  E:  info@affiliatemasteryprogram.com

    Mailing address: PO Box 368, North Tamborine QLD Australia 4272

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