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What specifically makes you a master affiliate?

"Do You Feel You Deserve The Life Of Your Dreams!"

What Combination of Plugins Work Best for Your WordPress Affiliate Marketing Site Today?

What about Hosting?

How about loading those images?

How to embed links...or even what a link is?

How about developing that affiliate marketing website?

What about traffic and lead generation?

Getting started at the right spot is imperative...

Sure you can do as I did, try a year or more on your own and fail to earn one cent!

What you need here is a mentor, someone whose tried it all, and has learnt from all her mistakes. That would be me...Judi! I can help you make a living with affiliate marketing...

affiliate marketing


At the Affiliate Mastery Institute our Affiliate Mastery Program, online, specializes in helping you get your Affiliate Business started. We offer you basic and expert knowledge on how an affiliate marketing business should be set up and developed. You want to learn affiliate marketing and aren't sure where to start right?

  • ​Now more than ever knowledge is a currency - Why? Security in your future.
  • ​Judi has done all the hard work for you, she's got all the methods and processes that you require to get make your affiliate marketing businesses a reality!
  • You are fully aware that technology is constantly evolving...with this evolution so too does Affiliate Mastery Institute. Dynamic online content that is going to keep you ahead in your affiliate marketing business.

Coaching! Learning! Owning! Earning! TM

Let me introduce to you a leading training program

Affiliate Mastery Institute

Do you want more???...of course you do...take a look inside my training with this Walk Through Webinar.

***This was recorded a few years ago, and some features may already be replaced with new training materials. This recording is given to allow you an insight into how I started developing my affiliate marketing websites only.

Affiliate Mastery Institute is in the proceeds of NEW and exciting developments!

We are changing from a service based business to a subscription based business, and hope to roll out by the end of 2017. Check out our       COMING SOON page for more information, and to register your interest, to be among the first to find out when we go LIVE and launch this new training!

affiliate marketing

Premium Membership

Soon to be called Rise Up

power ahead

Standard Membership

Soon to be called Build Up

dollars generated with affiliates

Monthly Membership

Soon to be called Warm Up


Affiliate Mastery Monthly!

Warm Up

This is our basic level training, and will soon be subscription based, check out our COMING SOON page.

For customer service queries please contact:

Future subscriptions levels will be continuous on a monthly or yearly basis.

If you have this level this means you are a member with get up and go!...

I like that about people! You have the drive to get as much information as possible on a monthly or yearly basis.

Some Features of the Current Monthly Membership:

  • How to get onto your browser
  • How to get a domain for FREE
  • What you need to look for when purchasing hosting
  • Generating access to WordPress through your host

Affiliate Mastery Institute seeks to bridge any gaps in your knowledge, specifically in regards to Affiliate Marketing, so if you are keen to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, register your interest HERE!


Affiliate Mastery Standard!

Build Up

This is our standard level of training, and will soon be subscription based, check out our COMING SOON page

For customer service queries please contact:

Future subscriptions will be continuous on a monthly or yearly basis.

With Standard Membership you have access to the fundamentals, to get you building your affiliate marketing business!

Some of the features for Standard Membership:

  • How to get onto your browser
  • How to get a domain for FREE
  • What you need to look for when purchasing hosting
  • Generating access to WordPress through your host
  • FREE WordPress Basics Book
  • Plugins list required with installation instructions and much, much more!
  • Templates for all your legal pages for your affiliate sites
  • Monetizing your affiliate sites
  • Integration for your affiliate sites
  • SMM (social media marketing) tips, techniques and solutions
  • SEO Configuration for all your affiliate sites
  • an much more!

Affiliate Mastery Institute seeks to bridge any gaps in your knowledge, specifically in regards to Affiliate Marketing, so if you are keen to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, register your interest HERE!


Affiliate Mastery PREMIUM!

Rise Up

This is our premium level of training, and will soon by subscription based, check out our COMING SOON page!

For customer service queries please contact:

Future subscriptions will be continuous on a monthly or yearly basis.

Premium Membership is soon to be called Rise Up! Offering you all the features of both Monthly (Warm Up) and Standard (Build Up) Membership, PLUS

Exclusive Access to many more features!

Included in ALL our subscriptions are the video tutorials and all the resources mentioned in the above levels PLUS, you will receive my two published hard cover books and the PLR (Private Label Rights) to them. BOOM! For The Baby Boomers and Show Me The Money Honey! ...this is to keep you motivated...These books were written when I first started out. I wanted to get my words on print to educate the masses. Now with the internet evolving so much, most of their content is out of date, so I still use them as motivational tools for anyone interested in affiliate marketing today!

Here is what these two books look like...

 BOOM! For The Baby BOOMERS!                                                             Show Me The Money Honey!

show book cover
boom book

My entire PREMIUM Membership FREE!

This offer is soon to expire! We won't be offering it in the future. If you'd like to JOIN today and receive all the Premium Membership content for FREE, best do so before 31 Dec 2017

For customer service queries please contact:

This is the ultimate level of the Affiliate Mastery Institute!

At this level you attend a hands on, intimate group 3-Day LIVE training one-on-one session, where, you build your Affiliate Online Business with Judi and her team LIVE! This event is called......

Business Basics Boot Camp!

What is it exactly?

The Biggest FEATURE of this level is you receive one ticket per membership to attend the next BUSINESS BASICS BOOT CAMP!

***Spouses or Life-partners can attend for an additional small fee, Email: to inquire about this.

This is a 3-Day LIVE event! You are in a function room at the Mantra On View Hotel on the Gold Coast, locked away with Judi and her team for one on one, step by step training, to getting your Affiliate Marketing Business kick-started!

***Spouses or Life-partners fee is not for a friend to attend. Email: to inquire.


  • Upon registration you will get PREMIUM membership for FREE!
  • Receiving LIVE one on one training from the master herself!
  • You will get the entire dynamic training techniques over the 3-Days
  • You will understand the entire affiliate life-cycle by the end of the event
  • All anxiety is removed about understanding the training, no-one is left behind!
  • What you receive is something you can duplicate over and over to continued affiliate marketing success


If you learn better from LIVE training, you cannot afford to miss this event!


Get Off Your Assets Trust

Cork 'n Fork Winery Tours Pty Ltd

Previous Business Basics Bootcamp Events...

Fun At Boot Camp 2016
cropped bootcamp pic



research • accounts to start • hosting • domains • logins •plugins • posts • categories/tags •  appearance (themes) • settings and pages (legal) • content pages • outsourcing content • researching content pages • photos (incl. editing) • theme menus • settings • contact form 7 integration • autoresponder • squeeze pages • opt in/pop-ups/exit pops • affiliate companies • affiliate links • monetizing your site • Facebook business manager • Twitter for Business • Pinterest for Business • Google+ • LinkedIn • anchor texting • SMM • Website directories • Traffic Strategies....and more!

Everything you will need to be a successful affiliate marketer is given to you at this event and more!

The Biggest BONUS for you...

You receive my PREMIUM program with lifetime access for FREE!

Yes, FREE, you will have access to all the latest training tutorials as they break for life! You can continue to grow your online Affiliate Marketing Business for as long as you want to - what a fantastic legacy for your children and grandchildren, not to mention yourself!

Offer ends 31st December 2017

    Avoid all the Mistakes I have made and tap into the knowledge a Mentor offers.....

    Let me tell you, in my quest to succeed, I have been banned from Facebook, shut down overnight with Get Response, an auto-responder platform, almost shut down from Google for using photographs straight from Google images...among other things...

    I've overcome all these obstacles, and didn't let them defeat me... how? When I found I couldn't understand something, I will research the internet to find the answer or the solution and apply it! ...I took initiative to LEARN MORE...

    Once I conquered these challenges and everything started to this I started to filter in...I knew I had the methods, the right techniques, the correct formula to repeat, over and over and over again!

    Whilst this was a very slow process for me, and took me a lot of time! My true value came about when I decided to put all my knowledge in one place for YOU to benefit!

    "Its' important for you to know, that I am one determined to succeed as much as I need air to breathe! " _ Judi

    My coaching is real! My members are life-timers! There success continues to grow, with me by their side. I want to share this training with the world! It's so true when Colin Powell said, "Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence!"

    •  Affiliate Mastery Institute is evolving: I am currently re-building this training website for all my existing members, and for any future members. With the vision to launch before 31st of December 2017.
    •  Check out our COMING SOON page: To get some ideas of what we're busy working on, please check out the COMING SOON page, and send us any inquiries via
    • We're not saying don't join now: If you truly cannot wait until will update all our training content, you are free to register with your one off payments as per above. We're here for you now, if you want to join!

    A Problem shared is a Problem halved and you can make your Problems disappear With Solutions...

    Affiliate marketing isn't for the faint heart! This marketing business is tough, ever changing and demanding! You can only be a successful affiliate marketer, through continued commitment to your business. Like any business really, you need to apply what you have learnt or are learning to make it a success.

    My biggest motivation for Affiliate Mastery Institute is PEOPLE, and so, in our caring way we strive to assist people, who are genuinely interested in affiliate marketing, to be a success with their affiliate marketing business. Please don't get me wrong, we don't perform the steps to the training for your business , we do give you the knowledge you desire to develop, plan and build your own affiliate marketing enterprise. If you are prepared to take massive action then you will succeed as an affiliate marketer.

    WORK to LIVE not LIVE to WORK!

    "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time..." Thomas A. Edison

    Affiliate Mastery Institute is the Perfect Resolution!

    Affiliate Mastery Institute continues to evolve, and we are currently working behind the scenes to create the best learning platform for any person willing to join and learn all about affiliate marketing, and getting their businesses set up and off the ground.

    Coaching! Learning! Owning! Earning! TM

    1. Major Benefits:  developing your online affiliate marketing business from the ground up; being coached or mentored by Judi with video tutorials, webinars, one on one sessions, or her exclusive yearly mentor ship program; our membership website is the tool that contains all the content necessary for any level of membership you choose. Coaching! when you need it is always available to you, through the coaching you are Learning! all the time, everything you do is yours you are Owning! your own online business and your own efforts and through this you gain the potential to having an Earning! affiliate marketing business...
    2. Saving you TIME: We are rolling out a more user friendly experience. Saving you time, trying to find the content you are seeking. With all video tutorials numbers, and titled, you are going to have no problems finding the training that you require.
    To People who want

    See what some of our customers have to say:

    "Social Proof With Customer Testimonials..."

    "Judi, you, through your Affiliate Marketing Programme, have given me this opportunity. Thank you for being the one who happened in my life. The one I instinctively knew could give me the confidence to trust without question & to follow without fear. You have introduced me to new & exciting vistas in completely unknown territory & while some days are somewhat overwhelming, the learning experiences are such a buzz that I just want to drink in your every word. Over the past few months, I have become aware of your personal “keywords” that are your hallmark … like: Awesome, WOW, Fantastic, Fabulous, Well Done, Yes Yes Yes… I can now say….back at you. All those words describe you. I am so grateful to have you as my mentor & unique teacher/coach.

    Roz Manning
    Roz M Qld

    "Customer Proof Affiliate Mastery Program Works!"

    Hi Judi

    Wanted to say thank you and let you know Wayne and I are currently holidaying in Hawaii, paid for by our websites. The last time we caught up on Skype Wayne showed you his Commission Factory Account, I have attached a screenshot from Wayne's phone of his account and please feel free to use this as proof of what can be achieved.

    We want to take our websites to the next level as this is the lifestyle we enjoy!

    Jo Bik proof

    Jo and Wayne B Qld

    "Viewers are going up and up...thanks to Judi"

    ..."I can not express my thankfulness and gratefulness to Judi's mentoring and I wish other members will follow up the way Judi does..." "...I've started with Judi my mentoring over Skype very extensively and I've felt very confident building my websites, specially when I've seen, that I had over 3,500 viewers on one of my websites only and they are going up and up and up! Its' so great!..."

    Daniella Nikolova
    Daniella N Sydney

    Some Video Testimonials For You To Listen Too!

    Addressing Your Last-Minute Objections

    Q. If I sign up to register for Business Basics Bootcamp, when and where is the next boot camp going to be?

    A. Usually BBB (Business Basics Boot Camp) is held 2nd Friday, Saturday and Sunday of March every year at Mantra on View Hotel at Surfer's Paradise, Queensland Australia. Once registered, you receive all information and plenty of contact with the Affiliate Mastery Team right from the beginning.

    The offer on this page to attend Business Basics Bootcamp will expire 31st of December 2017.

    Q. If I sign in to the STANDARD monthly level will the Affiliate Mastery Team still be available for support?

    A. Yes indeed, no matter what level you are a member of, we are available to all our members, we have options for all our members to book a personal one on one session with Judi, either Tuesdays' or Thursdays'...(conditions apply, subject to availability)

    Check out our COMING SOON page, as we're switching our business model to a subscription based model and rolling this out prior to 31st of December 2017. Register your interest, so you are among the first to see us go LIVE on launch day!

    Q. How soon do I get access to the training after I've paid my membership fee?

    A. Instantly! Is there any other way???

    Rest Assured I have over 3000 members all especially happy with the after sales service! We remain as transparent as possible for all our members to benefit from our training!

    It is right and correct that you have questions, please if you wish to advise or ask any questions about our program at this point then feel free to email us on

    Register your interest, for our new subscription based training by visiting our:

    "Get Started By Taking That First Step” and remember, "Affiliate Marketing bridges gaps!" Affiliate Mastery Institute

    To those who are considering “where to from here”, regardless of “where you are now”, I most strongly recommend joining as a Premium member of Judi’s Affiliate Marketing Programme. You will be much richer for choosing to seize the day & make the biggest change of all …. to change the direction of your life & be open to the awesome potential that exists in Judi’s coaching programme.

    Thank You.

    Warm Regards,

    Roz M

    Ammie Headshot


    Meet Ammie, my SMA/GM in charge of operations, strategies, finance and sustainability. Ammie is my go to person in every facet.

    Rachel headshot


    Meet Rachel a real motivator and all round creative developer. Her quick thinking and flexible techniques help drive our success.

    Photo Of Megan For Website


    Meet Megan, with an eye for detail Megan is vital to our research, development and setup processes

    Judi headshot 250


    Then there is me...founder,creator, mentor, entrepreneur, loving life's every breath!

    Affiliate Mastery Institute  E:

    Mailing address: PO Box 368, North Tamborine QLD Australia 4272

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