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grab my attention

20 Headlines That Grab Your Attention

​Understanding the type of content that you want to write about is vital.It's no secret so many different thought-provoking headlines in the media today, splashed all over social media, newspapers, magazines, online websites, television…People want to skim over content and get the gist by simply viewing something for a moment

more content tips

More Content Tips

​ Affiliate marketers, in particular who rely heavily on content marketing, need to really get a grip on what the search engines are looking for, in relation to content.It is one thing to want to be an affiliate marketer, and purely another, to be a standout affiliate marketer.In previous posts,

grab my attention

Persuasive Text for Affiliate Marketers

...or for anyone really!​For anybody new to marketing online creating concepts that provides listeners with engaging materials can be tricky.Persuasive text is one way of capturing your audience's attention.Every human person has a close connection with their own emotions, logic and ethics.Humans have the ability to form a judgement on

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